The Scribe

By Patrick W. Andersen I wanted to strangle the scribe, but of course I could never do that. I wanted to at least break his fingers so he could never commit such an atrocity again. But that would not only mean he would never use his gift to do harm, but also that he could … More The Scribe


By Patrick W. Andersen “Mr. Gregoire, can I speak to you for a moment?” “Of course, Mike,” the man said, setting his newspaper aside on the coffee table next to his reclining chair. Mike took a seat on the sofa facing the chair. In any other sort of social situation, he would probably make some … More Engagement

The Visitor

By Patrick W. Andersen The nurse appeared in the doorway. “Sir, the doctor has arrived and is starting his rounds. Should I send him in?” Lawrence, with an effort, raised one forearm to acknowledge the nurse. His hand hung forward limply. “Just give me a moment to say farewell to my friend.” Stephen, sitting in … More The Visitor


By Patrick W. Andersen Greg pushed the metal peg into the hole for an increase of ten pounds for the next set of ten lifts. As the trainer had suggested, he would wait at least half a minute before starting to lift the weights. This particular machine required that he extend his arms out to … More Gym


By Patrick W. Andersen Greg, sitting in the back seat, was in a better position to see oncoming traffic. “You can back out now, Dad. A car has stopped and left room for you.” “Now that’s the kind of courtesy I appreciate,” Mr. Carlisle beamed. “You know, when I was your age, neighbors were more—well, … More Shift